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Best Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Ultra accessories

The new Samsung Galaxy S23 shipped last week. Do you have it yet? If you do, you’re probably looking for fun ways to maximize its new features. Answer: Accessories. You’re probably on the lookout for the best cases for the Galaxy S23, or the best Galaxy S23 Ultra cases, if you went with the bigger model. We’ve got the jump on the best Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Ultra accessories, and we’ve laid them all out neatly below. Be sure to take a look, and if you’ve already pre-ordered, your new device will be on the way real soon!

Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protector — $15

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protector installed with examples.

This screen protector will help keep that gorgeous and shiny display free from scratches, scrapes, and other nasty events. The fully transparent shield still allows you to admire the AMOLED goodness unhindered. The anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint coding adds extra clarity, and installation is quick and easy.

Samsung 25-watt 10,000mAh battery pack — $35

Samsung 25-watt 10,000mAh battery pack in cream with USB cord.

Even with all-day battery life there are times when you need a quick charge, or just want peace of mind, because there are no available outlets nearby. That’s precisely what portable power packs like this Samsung unit provide. You can power up at a moment’s notice, charging your phone, earbuds, or any other compatible device. This particular pack comes with a 10,000mAh capacity which is enough to charge the Galaxy S23 Ultra about two times, smaller devices even more.

Galaxy S23 Ultra S Pen — $50

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with the S Pen held in a person's hand.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with a stylus sure, but what if you want a backup? What if you need to replace yours? What if you just want a different color — there are four to choose from? This is the official stylus, which offers shutter controls and a streamlined note-taking and pen-like experience. Trust us when we say you won’t want to be without one.

Samsung 15-watt Wireless Charger Duo with travel adapter — $90

Samsung 15-watt Wireless Charger Duo with travel adapter on nightstand.

With a wireless charger, like this one from Samsung, you can rest your phone on the correct area and it will begin charging instantly. No need to plug any wires or cords. This particular base offers 15-watts of fast-charging, yes, even wirelessly, and it’s compatible with Samsung’s USB PD and Super Fast Charging travel adapters for even speedier energy boosts. You can also charge two devices on this one system, including your Galaxy Watch, Galaxy earbuds, or phone. It works with anything Qi and wireless-charging ready, including the new Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Galaxy Buds 2 — $100, was $150

Closeup on open Galaxy Buds 2 case with earbuds inside.
Caleb Denison/Digital Trends

You can always read the finer details in our Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 review, which have been rightfully dubbed a “no-brainer” buy, especially if you’re invested in the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem. But these feature Active Noise Cancellation, ambient sound filtering, and excellent audio quality. Let’s not forget they pair nicely with Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 series devices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 — $230, was $280

The Galaxy Watch 5 on a person's wrist.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the latest in Samsung’s wearables lineup, launched to coincide with the Galaxy S23 series devices, including the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The standard Watch 5 model — there are several variants including a special Gold Edition — comes in 44mm and 40mm sizes.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro — $400, was $450

A man runs on a trail with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Titanium.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro ups the ante with a much larger size — topping out at 45mm. It also has a heftier price tag, but that’s understandable given its bulk. Key features include an advanced sleep coach, with sleep quality tracking, much-improved health and wellness support, and an always-on AMOLED display.

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