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New deal gets you two free games when you buy a Meta Quest 2

A Meta Quest 2, adjusted to look green, is being used for gaming.

The Meta Quest 2 is enjoying a new deal right now with it possible to pay $400 for the VR headset and get two games entirely for free with it. Available at Best Buy, you get Golf+, the official VR golf game of the PGA Tour along with Space Pirate Trainer DX. A great introduction to the world of VR, let’s take a look at why it’s worth it, or you can simply hit the buy button to get straight to purchasing it.

Why you should buy the Meta Quest 2

One of the best VR headsets around, the Meta Quest 2 continues to go from strength to strength. It’s fantastic value, even more so when it bundles in additional games. A wireless headset, you get inside-out tracking in a standalone device without needing to set up base stations or be tethered to a computer. A 120Hz refresh rate looks great alongside the 1832 x 1920 resolution per eye so it’s a really immersive experience.

It also has great features like built-in hand tracking so you can operate the system without controllers. There’s also Air Link to wirelessly connect it to a PC running SteamVR while you can sync a physical keyboard with it too. If you’ve been comparing the Meta Quest Pro vs Quest 2, it’s obvious that for most people, the Quest 2 is more than good enough.

A speedy mobile processor is sufficient for most tasks including playing the best Meta Quest 2 games, while 3D positional audio, haptic feedback, and more make you feel part of the VR world you’re checking out. It’s easy to use too with features like Guardian boundary allowing you to set your designated play space and alert you if you move outside of it. While the Meta Quest 3 may be coming, you’re good to go with the Meta Quest 2 thanks to it still offering tons to love.

Right now, you can buy the Meta Quest 2 for $400 at Best Buy and gain two games entirely for free – Golf+ and Space Pirate Trader DX. An ideal starter package, if you keep being tempted by VR gaming, this is your chance to see just why it’s so great and at a good price.

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