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Caleb Denison
Caleb Denison
Editor at Large

Digital Trends Editor at Large Caleb Denison is a sought-after writer, speaker, and television correspondent with unmatched expertise in AV and entertainment technology. Denison parlayed his employment at the first-ever online speaker company into a reputation as a serial early adopter and technology communicator. His digestible style landed him a recurring gig leading media tours at CES, taking audiences behind the scenes at the world-renowned trade show to spotlight the best new tech, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Super Bowl LIV with Fox Sports.

Other on-camera work includes a number of local and national television and radio appearances. Denison is also known for creating consumer buying guides in video and written format for brands like Amazon and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Denison specializes in 4K TV reviews and 8K TV reviews as well as related TV technologies such as OLED, QLED, micro-LED, HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. Denison also has extensive experience in consumer audio with an affinity for turntables and vinyl records as well as headphones.

TV Brightness Wars

TV brightness wars: how bright does your TV need to be?

TV brightness wars: how bright does your TV need to be?

In the battle for brightness supremacy, the nits just keep on coming. But how bright is bright enough? Here's what you need to know.
Samsung S95C OLED

Samsung S95C OLED hands-on review: it’s time to get excited

Don't sleep on the Samsung S95C OLED. At a much more friendly price point, this TV is shaping up to be a worthy challenger to its far more expensive cousins.
Samsung N900C 8K Neo QLED

I went hands-on with Samsung’s two best new QLED TVs, and one of them stunned me

I went hands-on with Samsung's hottest TVs of 2023 and walked away extremely excited about what we can expect from the lineup of Neo QLEDs this year.
Samsung Micro LED

Every TV type, explained

Every TV type, explained

LED, LCD, OLED, QLED. The alphabet soup of TV types can be confusing and overwhelming. This guide will make it simple to understand every TV type available.
Fox Sports Camera

Why aren’t sports in 4K and HDR? It’s harder than you think

We've gotten used to a steady diet of 4K content, but 4K sports are a rare treat indeed. We look at why live sports in 4K and HDR is harder than you think.
Apple HomePod 2023

Apple HomePod (2nd Gen) review: two is better than one

One second-generation Apple HomePod is great. But it really starts to shine when you put two of them together.
LG 97-inch Signature OLED M3 4K TV and Zero Connect box.

The best TVs of CES 2023

CES 2023 has come to an end, but not before dazzling us with some of the best new TVs we've seen in a long time. Here we run down our favorites from the show.
Samsung's new 77-inch QD-OLED TV with vibrant picture on screen

Samsung confirms ultrabright 77-inch QD-OLED panel for CES 2023. Will it be a TV?

Samsung confirms ultrabright 77-inch QD-OLED panel for CES 2023. Will it be a TV?

A new 77-inch QD-OLED panel is confirmed, but does that mean we'll see a 77-inch QD-OLED TV soon?
YouTube Subscriber Giveaway

Celebrate our 1,000,000 YouTube subscriber milestone with us and win!

We did it! On November 27, 2022, the Digital Trends YouTube channel reached a major milestone: 1 million subscribers! We’ve been counting down for weeks, and now that the moment has finally arrived, we’re ready to celebrate with those who helped us get here (you!) by giving away more than $4,500 in prizes!
The Roku home screen on the TCL-5 Series (S555).

TCL 5-Series (S555) Roku TV review: unsurprisingly good

TCL's reigning middleweight champion, the 5-series, delivers again with a great balance of cost and performance on the tried-and-true Roku TV platform.
QD-OLED panel technology

The most innovative TV tech of 2022

2022 was an amazing year for TVs as the showdown between OLED and QLED panels has given us the best of both worlds with stunning QD-OLED innovation.
Best Black Friday TV Deals

The best Cyber Monday TV deals under $1000 from a TV expert

The best Cyber Monday TV deals under $1000 from a TV expert

If your budget for a new TV is between $500 and $1000, every one of the Cyber Monday deals on this list is a must-see, so says our TV expert.
Best Black Friday TV Deals

The best Cyber Monday TV deals under $500 from a TV expert

The best Cyber Monday TV deals under $500 from a TV expert

Every TV on this list of the best Cyber Monday TV deals under $500 is handpicked to ensure you'll be happy with your purchase for years to come.
Spider-Man Playstation game being played on the Sony X95K tv.

These are the best TVs for video games in 2022

Whether you are a casual gamer or all-in all the time, these are the best TVs for gaming in 2022.
The Apple TV 4K standing vertically with the Apple logo showing from the front

Get the most out of your Apple TV 4K (2022) with these tips and tricks

Apple TV 4K is already awesome right out of the box, but we're here to show you all the ways to get the absolute most out of your 4K streaming device.
The Samsung Q990B soundbar sitting lengthwise in front of a Samsung S95B OLED TV

Samsung HW-Q990B soundbar review: the best Dolby Atmos soundbar system

Truly great cinematic sound out of a one-box soundbar solution? Samsung's Q990B Atmos soundbar challenges the very concept of what a soundbar can do.
Samsung S95B OLED TV with image of a bright flower on screen.

Samsung S95B vs. Sony A95K QD-OLED battle: we all win

Samsung S95B vs. Sony A95K QD-OLED battle: we all win

The Samsung S95B and Sony A95K are two of the best TVs money can buy, but which wins in a head-to-head battle of design, features, picture quality, and sound?
The UGREEN 90-Degree HDMI cable.

Your old HDMI cable isn’t good enough anymore. Here’s why

Selecting the right HDMI cable for your setup used to be a simple thing. Now? Not so much. Here's how and why HDMI standards have changed and what to look for.
Controlling Apple TV 4K using an Apple Watch.

Apple TV 4K (2022) review: overpowered in all the right ways

Our Apple TV 4K (2022) review shows the new boxes seem similar to the prior gen, but a deeper look reveals a streamer built for the future.
Art mode on the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED TV.

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED review: Amazon’s best screen yet

The Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED TV is Amazon's best screen yet, but it may cost a bit more than it should.
Hisense U7H with bright green and yellow parakeet on black backfround, showing color and contrast performance.

Hisense U7H (65U7H) review: punching above its weight

With impressive brightness and black levels and out-of-this-world color accuracy, the Hisense U7H is a formidable challenger to its more expensive sibling.
Hisense U8H vs TCL 6-Series R655

Hisense U8H vs. TCL 6-Series (R655): Is brighter better?

Hisense U8H vs. TCL 6-Series (R655): Is brighter better?

We compare two of the best and brightest budget TVs you can buy, the Hisense U8H and the TCL 6-Series, to see which comes out on top.
TCL 6-Series TV displaying colorful image of an apple tree against a blue sky background.

The new 2022 TCL 6-Series TV is dangerously good

Dangerously good is a compliment in the case of the TCL 6-Series TV, but it comes with a dash of frustration.
Bright paint colors on a Hisense U8H.

The EU is about to ban all the best TVs you can buy

New EU efficiency regulations effectively banning sales of 8K TVs could have a massive ripple effect.
Picture of a green audio technical cartridge settled into the groove of a record on the monolith turntable.

Monoprice Monolith Turntable review: a gateway to vinyl addiction

The Monoprice Monolith Turntable is so well-appointed, it's hard to believe it is so inexpensive.
Vizio M-Series Quantum X TV Review

Vizio M-Series Quantum X TV review: the Goldilocks TV

Vizio's 2022 M-Series Quantum X adds quantum dot color and HDR performance at a very attractive price.
Focal Bathys headphones

Focal Bathys headphones review: Transcendent wireless cans

Focal makes its first move into wireless headphones. Temper your ANC expectations, and revel in the sound quality.

I desperately crave LG’s flexible OLED TV. Here’s why I won’t buy it

The LG 42-inch OLED Flex is one of the coolest displays I've ever seen, but there's no shot I'm buying it.
LG 97-inch G2 OLED with colorfol paint on screen

At $25K, LG’s 97-inch G2 OLED is actually a bargain

It may be expensive, but good luck getting anything remotely as good for anything less.
Samsung 98-inch QN100B series.

Samsung just dropped a massive 98-inch Neo QLED mini-LED TV

Samsung just dropped a massive 98-inch Neo QLED mini-LED TV

Samsung has announced a new 98-inch Neo QLED mini-LED TV at the 2022 CEDIA Expo in Dallas, Texas
Vizio M-Series Elevate Soundbar (M512E-K6)

This Vizio Dolby Atmos soundbar system defines bang for your buck

Does getting Dolby Atmos sound in your home get any easier than the Vizio M-Series Elevate 5.1.2 soundbar system? We have the answers.
AirPods Pro.

The most common AirPods problems and how to fix them

The most common AirPods problems and how to fix them

From static noise to dropped calls, there are lots of AirPods quirks with not-always-obvious solutions. We have plenty of tips to help improve your experience.
Bright paint colors on a Hisense U8H.

Hisense U8H mini-LED TV review: a budget videophile’s dream

A lot rides on the U8H TV, Hisense's first mini-LED backlit model. But if history is any indication, the U8H should be an absolute knockout.
Vizio M213AD-K8 M-Series AiO Sound Bar Review

Vizio M-Series All in One soundbar review: a real all-in-wonder

Vizio's latest affordable soundbar is an all-in-one powerhouse for under $200. Find out if it delivers the goods.