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MWC 2023 Awards

Digital Trends’ Top Tech of MWC 2023 Awards

An iPhone 14 Pro with a Tesla logo Photoshopped on the back of it.

Tesla Pi Phone: Why it’s probably never going to happen

The Tecno Phantom V Fold's open screen.

The best smartphones at MWC 2023: the 6 coolest ones we saw

Opening the Tecno Phantom V Fold.

Why this unknown folding phone is more exciting than the Z Fold 4

motorola rizr rollable concept my favorite phone of mwc 2023 8283

The Motorola Rizr concept is my favorite surprise of MWC. Here’s why

The Pixel 7 Pro's camera module.

Google Pixel 8: top 5 features I want on the Pixel 7 successor

A person opening the Honor Magic Vs.

Using the Honor Magic Vs again made me concerned about this Z Fold 4 competitor

The Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro worn on a person's wrist.

Xiaomi’s latest smartwatch puts the Pixel Watch to shame in a big way

The Xiaomi 13 Pro held in a person's hand.

A new Android phone with a crazy camera might crush the Galaxy S23

A person holding the Galaxy S23 Ultra and taking a photograph.

I can’t believe no one is talking about this Galaxy S23 Ultra camera feature

Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display review green wallpaper

5 abandoned Apple products that need to make a comeback

Opening an app in split screen on the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: the 7 biggest things I want to see

The opening screen for the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app on the Cat S75 phone.

How two companies are using satellites to change how you text

Two companies are tackling satellite communication technology, making it more useful and more accessible, and putting it on a smartphone. This is how it works.
The ParagraphAI keyboard generating an automated reply to a Telegram message.

I let a ChatGPT app take over my phone’s keyboard, and it was wild

ChatGPT has proven to be a fascinating (and sometimes unhinged) technology. So, what happens when you let it take over your phone's keyboard?
Twilio Authy 2FA app running on an iPhone.

SMS 2FA is insecure and bad — use these 5 great authenticator apps instead

You should be utilizing two-factor authentication on your accounts whenever possible. These apps help you secure your accounts with ease.
OtterBox OtterGrip case on an iPhone 14 Pro on a Walt Disney Studios phone holder with an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit nuiMos dressed up

I used OtterBox’s new OtterGrip iPhone case — and I’m in love

OtterBox's new OtterGrip case has an integrated phone grip that doesn't interfere with your iPhone's MagSafe compatibility, and it's amazing.
The OnePlus 11 and Pixel 7's camera modules.

Can the OnePlus 11 beat the Pixel 7 in a tough camera test? I found out

The OnePlus 11's camera takes great photos, but can it take on the always-excellent Google Pixel 7? We find out in a tough camera test.
Samsung Galaxy S23 lock screen customization

Have a Galaxy S23? Make sure you do these 10 things first

Got a new Samsung Galaxy S23? Make sure to do these 10 things first for the best experience possible.
Dynamic Island Spotify Chaiyya Chaiyya song.

5 months later, the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island isn’t what I expected

About five months ago, Apple introduced us to the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro. And since then, it hasn't gone at all how I expected.
The OnePlus 11's screen.

How I learned to love the OnePlus 11’s controversial software

For a while, it looked like OnePlus had ruined OxygenOS. But after using OxygenOS 13 on the OnePlus 11, I've been converted. Here's what changed.
iPhone 14 Pro with custom home screen on Mickey Mouse phone holder next to flowers

I review phones for a living — here are the 10 apps I can’t live without

My job is all about mobile phones, but what are the must-have apps I need to download first on a new device? Let's find out!
OnePlus 11R, a cheaper OnePlus 11, at the Cloud 11 event in India.

This is the cheaper (and cooler) OnePlus 11 you wish you could buy

Alongside the OnePlus 11, OnePlus released another version of the phone you probably didn't hear about. It's cheaper, cooler ... and you likely can't buy it.
iPhone with USB-C cable and USB-A adapter.

This $3 USB adapter fixed all of my Apple CarPlay connection problems

I had lots of issues with CarPlay randomly disconnecting. Then I bought this adapter, and my problem was immediately fixed.
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra next to the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

I did a Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Pixel 7 Pro camera test — and it’s not even close

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Google Pixel 7 Pro have two of the most powerful smartphone camera systems around. But which one is the best? We found out.
The OnePlus Pad tablet with Stylo stylus and keyboard cover.

Why now is the perfect time for the OnePlus Pad

OnePlus's first tablets come after tablets are officially old news — but the timing might be better than it appears to be at first sight.
iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 16 notifications compared to Google Pixel 7 with Android 13 notifications

Using an Android phone showed me just how bad iOS notifications really are

iOS has never been great at notifications, but after using Android devices, I can't get over just how bad they really are.
Close-up shot of the camera on the OnePlus 11.

I adore the OnePlus 11 camera — but not for the reason you think

The OnePlus 11 breathes some fresh air into smartphone camera design that will hopefully inspire other companies to follow suit.
iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 16 with custom home screen

Ranking all 16 iOS versions, from worst to best

We've gone through 16 versions of iOS so far. But ever wonder which was the worst and which is the best? We've ranked all 16 iOS versions here.
Apple AirPods Pro 2 inside their charging case, sitting on back of an iPhone 14.

The iPhone 15 may finally get reverse wireless charging — but I don’t want it

Apple continues to drag its feet when it comes to reverse wireless charging, but at this point, I'm not even sure I care anymore.
Dating scam.

This Valentine’s Day, experts have 4 tips on how to avoid dating app scams

Ahead of Valentine's Day, the FBI has issued a warning to steer clear of romance frauds. If you trust scientists, they have a few tips too.
The Settings app running on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The Galaxy S23 bloatware problem isn’t nearly as bad as you think

There's been a little controversy lately about the system files taking up a lot of storage on the Samsung Galaxy S23. But it's really not as bad as you think.
The OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 10 Pro camera modules.

This OnePlus 11 camera test really shouldn’t have been so close

The OnePlus 11's biggest rival when it comes to the camera is arguably the OnePlus 10 Pro. Can the latest phone beat the old model in a tough camera test?
OnePlus Buds Pro 2 black case on a cork coaster and black earbuds on a white and gray table top.

OnePlus Buds Pro 2’s spatial audio makes me want to ditch the AirPods Pro

Here's why OnePlus Buds Pro 2's immersive 3D sound experience with head tracking is more appealing than spatial audio on the Apple AirPods Pro.
The G-Shock Poison Dart Frog Frogman worn on a person's wrist.

G-Shock’s latest watch turned my wrist into a poisonous frog

G-Shock's latest connected Frogman watch is styled after a poisonous frog, but don't let that put you off. We wore it, and loved it.

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