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The 10 most popular TV shows on Netflix right now

Exploring the thousands of titles on Netflix can be both exciting and overwhelming. From dramas and comedies to reality shows and documentaries, content of all types abounds. There’s even a Top 10 list to help narrow down your decision and let you see what’s popular on the streamer.

Every week, Netflix releases a list of the 10 most-watched TV shows over a recent seven-day period. Below, we’ve listed the top 10 shows in the U.S. from February 20 to February 26, along with general information about each show, including genre, rating, cast, and synopsis.

Note: There will be a description of plot points from each of the series, so consider this a spoiler warning if you haven’t watched them yet. 

10. New Amsterdam season 4 (2022)
10. New Amsterdam season 4
63 %
tv-14 5 Seasons
Genre Drama
Cast Ryan Eggold, Janet Montgomery, Jocko Sims
Created by David Schulner

New Amsterdam currently dominates Netflix, with season 4 debuting in the third spot in the top 10. After teasing the relationship over the last few seasons, Max and Helen finally sleep together and acknowledge their relationship. However, both Max and Helen, known to fans as “Sharpwin,” struggle to navigate their relationship, which leads to the shocking decision that Max will step down at New Amsterdam to be with Helen in London.

The fourth season introduces Dr. Veronica Fuentes (Michelle Forbes), the new medical director who looks to change all of the policies Max implemented over the past few years. Meanwhile, Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) strikes up a new relationship with Dr. Leyla Shinwari (Shiva Kalaiselvan).

9. Physical: 100 season 1 (2023)
9. Physical: 100 season 1
tv-14 1 Season
Genre Reality
Cast Yoshihiro Akiyama, Yun Sung-bin
Created by Jang Ho-gi

In Physical: 100, there’s only one rule: get physical and be the last one standing. In an alternate take on the series Squid Game, this Korean reality show is a real-life survival of the fittest competition. 100 people of all ages and genders compete to see who has the ultimate physique.

The contestants face off in competitions of brute strength and endurance, with the winner taking home 300,000,000 won ($238,890 USD). Losers do not die when eliminated, like in Squid Game. Instead, they must destroy their plaster torsos with a hammer. The show will satisfy the urges of those looking for a new, physical reality series.

8. Full Swing season 1 (2023)
8. Full Swing season 1
tv-ma 1 Season
Genre Documentary
Created by James Gay-Rees

Netflix has taken viewers behind the scenes of Formula One drivers in Drive to Survive and professional tennis stars in Break Point. Now, golfers are getting the behind-the-scenes docuseries treatment in Full Swing. The series follows a variety of professional golfers in different phases of their careers.

These golfers include Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka, Scottie Scheffler, Ian Poulter, Joel Dahmen, Matt Fitzpatrick, and Dustin Johnson. The threat of the rival LIV golf tour is a major storyline as PGA players rationalize their decisions to join the new tour or decline the opportunity. 

7. Triptych season 1 (2023)
7. Triptych season 1
tv-ma 1 Season
Genre Drama, Mystery
Cast Maite Perroni, David Chocarro, Flavio Medina
Created by Leticia López Margalli

A woman named Aleida Trujano (Maite Perroni) takes her doctor hostage and us subsequently shot by police. When forensic scientist Rebecca Fuentes (Perroni) approaches a wounded Aleida, Becca is stunned to see that they look exactly like each other. In fact, Aleida calls out Becca’s name before losing consciousness.

Becca soon learns that she shares the same birthday as Aleida, and genetic testing confirms that the women are twins. However, there’s a third sibling that shares the same DNA. As Becca seeks out the third sibling, the results of her discovery endanger everyone around her.

6. You season 4 part 1 (2023)
6. You season 4 part 1
72 %
tv-ma 4 Seasons
Genre Mystery, Crime, Drama
Cast Penn Badgley, Tati Gabrielle, Charlotte Ritchie
Created by Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble

You, the global phenomenon about the exploits of the stalker and serial killer Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), returns for the first half of its fourth season. After things went haywire in his previous relationship with Love (Victoria Pedretti), Joe heads to London to start a new life. He takes up the alias of Jonathan Moore and becomes an English literature professor.

Joe begins to hang out with a group of new characters when he learns of a killer stalking him and his new friends. For once, Joe is not the hunter, but the hunted. It’s up to Joe to play the role of detective as he attempts to uncover the person terrorizing his friend group before they strike again.

5. Outer Banks season 2 (2021)
5. Outer Banks season 2
tv-ma 3 Seasons
Genre Action & Adventure, Drama, Mystery
Cast Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Jonathan Daviss
Created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, Shannon Burke

Season 2 picks up after the shocking season 1 finale, which saw John B and Sarah survive a tropical storm after fleeing the authorities. The two lovers are picked up by a cargo ship heading to the Bahamas, where Ward shipped the gold he stole from the Pogues. While John B and Sarah evade capture in the Bahamas, the Pogues learn that their friends survived the storm and attempt to clear John B’s name.

The Pogue leader is accused of killing Sheriff Peterkin, who died at the hands of Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey). As the Pogues readjust to life in the OBX, a new set of obstacles presents challenges to the Pogues, who want their gold back from Ward. One of those obstacles is Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell), who has her own plans that involve the Royal Merchant.

4. Outer Banks season 1 (2020)
4. Outer Banks season 1
61 %
tv-ma 3 Seasons
Genre Action & Adventure, Drama, Mystery
Cast Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Jonathan Daviss
Created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, Shannon Burke

The Outer Banks is known as “paradise on Earth,” and serves as the setting of Netflix’s teen adventure drama. Set on the island of Kildare in North Carolina, there is a social divide between two rival groups. The Kooks are the wealthy and entitled residents who live on the rich side of town called Figure Eight. The other side of town is home to the Pogues, the working-class individuals who live in The Cut. The series follows the friendship of four teenage Pogues: JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and their leader, John B (Chase Stokes).

One day, John B makes a discovery that is linked to his father, who has been missing for nine months, as well as the missing treasure of the Royal Merchant. The treasure contains $400 million in gold. John B’s father was a treasure hunter and the teenage Pogue believes if he finds the treasure, it will lead him to his father. With the help of Kook princess Sarah Cameron (Glass Onion‘s Madelyn Cline), John B and the Pogues attempt to find the gold and fend off the evil parties trying to take them out, including Sarah’s father, Ward Cameron (Charles Esten).

3. Perfect Match season 1 (2023)
3. Perfect Match season 1
82 %
1 Season
Genre Reality
Cast Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey

Netflix has another hit dating show on its hands in Perfect Match. The series brings together previous castmates on popular reality shows like Love Is Blind, Selling Tampa, The Mole, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, Sexy Beasts, The Circle, Twentysomethings: Austin, and Too Hot to Handle. The premise is simple: find the perfect summer romance. Contestants will team up to share a suite in a private villa as they compete against other couples in various challenges.

The winners choose which new singles come into the house and who to go on dates with. At the end of each round, contestants must decide their Perfect Match. Those single at the end of the selection process go home, and the remaining couples stay in the game with a chance at the mysterious grand prize. 

2. Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal (2023)
2. Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal
tv-ma 1 Season
Genre Documentary, Crime

The Murdaughs were a powerful family in South Carolina, with a law firm to their name and family members who served as district attorneys. Their fall from grace began with the death of teenager Mallory Beach in a drunken boating accident in 2019. Alex’s son, Paul, drove the boat and was charged with Mallory’s death.

On the first day of the trial in 2021, Paul was found murdered along with his mother, Maggie. The prime suspect became the Murdaugh patriarch, Alex. More ominous deaths start to be investigated as authorities seek a connection to the Murdaughs. With the case ongoing, the docuseries explores the downfall of the Murdaugh family and where it went wrong for Mallory, Paul, and Maggie.

1. Outer Banks season 3 (2023)
1. Outer Banks season 3
52 %
Genre Action & Adventure, Drama, Mystery
Cast Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Jonathan Daviss
Created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, Shannon Burke

After escaping the cargo ship, the Pogues and their newest member, Cleo (Carlacia Grant), survive for over a month on a deserted island they call “Poguelandia.” A pilot rescues the group and takes them back to the Bahamas. However, it’s not a rescue mission, but a kidnapping. Five of the Pogues escape, but Kiara is captured and brought to the house of Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen), a powerful businessman in search of the city of gold known as El Dorado.

Meanwhile, John B learns that his father, Big John (Charles Halford), is still alive and living in the Bahamas. Big John is also after El Dorado and enlists his son’s help to find the treasure he’s been searching for his entire life. Since its debut on February 23, Outer Banks season 3 registered 154.97 million hours viewedOuter Banks will continue as Netflix renewed the series for a fourth season.

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